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Animal guides are ALWAYS AROUND US and willing to work with us on many areas of our lives. Sometimes when an animal crosses our path or comes into our lives, it can be difficult to figure out if it's a normal encounter or a message from Spirit. Within this course you will learn how to TUNE INTO what messages the animals are communicating with you, and how to work with animal guide energy in PRACTICAL BUT POWERFUL ways to facilitate healing and empowerment within your life.
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Within this course you can expect to learn and experience...

  • The history of animal spirits from around the world

  • The difference between various animal energies, such as guides, messengers, and aides; PLUS how to work with each

  • Various ways animal spirits might communicate with you and how to decipher their messages

  • A bonus Facebook group to connect with your fellow classmates and receive more personalized guidance

  • Two guided meditations to connect to one of your current animal guides

  • How to work with animal spirits to improve many areas of your life

  • The how and why of creating an animal altar

  • How to incorporate crystals, oils and card readings in your work with animal energies

  • Exercises and tips on connecting with animal energy and spirits

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by Pamela Cabral

100% Recommend This Course!

by Pamela Cabral

This course was informative and a great introduction to working with Spirit Animals. It includes a guided meditation that was amazing and a very unique experience, probably my favorite part of the course! It also includes a list of additional resources like decks and books, which I found very helpful; and a list/brief summary of animal meaning which was also very nice. 100% recommend this course!!

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Course Outline


Live Call

History of Animal Guides from around the is appropriation?
What are Animal Spirits?
Lesson 1: Types of Guides: Lifelong Guides, Aides, Messengers...why and how to connect with each
Lesson 2: Guided Meditation Audio to connect with an animal guide who will assist you during this course
Lesson 3: Animal Keywords...suggested meanings plus how to decipher based on your own intuition


Live Call

Lesson 4: Signs & Messages...Different types of animal sightings, dream encounters, and connecting with animal oracle and tarot cards
Lesson 5: Calling on Animal and why you would want their assistance to improve or heal your life


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Lesson 6: Animal Correspondences...what are they and why would you want to use them?
Lesson 7: Ways to thank your animal guides, creating an animal altar, and infusing crystals and items with animal energy


Integration and Q&A
Guided meditation to receive a closing message from your animal guide


Suggested Animal Books & Card Decks

Empower your life by connecting to animal energy...

Bonus Content!

Valued at over $50

  • Animals & Magick

    Animals & Magick: Incorporating animal energy in to YOUR magickal practice.

  • Guided Meditation

    Connect to your shadow animal guide who will aid you in your personal shadow work journey.

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  • Is this a self-paced course?

    This course is mostly set up as a self-paced course, however there are three live calls scheduled. New lessons will be made available each week, starting on July 29th.

  • What if I can't make the live call?

    While it's always best to join the live call if you can, don't feel pressured. All live calls will be recorded and posted for you to watch the replay.

  • Is there a Facebook group to go along with the course?

    Yup! Part of the fun of taking an online course is getting to connect with others, and a private Facebook group is an excellent chance for that. Not only does this provide a touch of community, it also provides you with a little extra guidance and support.

  • Do I need to join the Facebook group?

    Nope! Not everyone likes Facebook or wants to share their journey with others. Whether you're in the Facebook group or not, you will still get a ton out of this course.

Your Guide for This Course

Cherise Williams

Cherise Williams

Cherise is a spiritual guide, author and podcast host with many years of experience, as well as various diplomas and certifications in the areas of spirituality, metaphysical studies and integrative healing arts. Her approach to spirituality is to keep things as simple and practical as possible, while still providing deep layers of healing and divine connection. When she's not teaching and guiding others on their spiritual journeys, she enjoys spending time in nature with her family, going to antique shops, and ghost hunting.

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